Partnering with brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe

Long-term global partnerships for eternal impact 

The Bible Chapel's mission to develop followers of Jesus Christ not only leads us to travel on short-term trips and establish long-term global workers to other countries, but also compels us to seek out and nurture long-term international partnerships. This way we can proclaim salvation by God's grace in the context of deep, authentic, Christ-centered relationships.

Our primary international partnerships are with Africa Inland Church (AIC) Zion in Kenya and Faith House in Thailand. Over the years, God has led us to:

Invest our resources with them.

Build relationships with their leaders.

Send teams to them regularly.

Work alongside them to improve their communities.

The fruit from these relationships has been an amazing testimony of God at work through his people. Children and families previously living in the darkness and desperation of extreme poverty are now growing in the light and hope of Jesus.

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Prayer Ministry for Our Global Workers

South Hills Campus, ROOM 141

Every third Thursday of the month
7:00-8:00 p.m.

The Impact Prayer Ministry is a wonderful opportunity to become part of our outreach team. Through our prayers, we join God in what he is doing through our global workers all around the world. Everyone is invited to attend.  You don't have to pray aloud. You are welcome to join us any time.


Meet our long-term global workers

We support our long-term global workers by providing them with financial support, prayer, and a platform for communication. 





Meet Our Stateside Global Worker

The Bible Chapel supports our stateside global workers who have returned home from overseas work by providing them with prayer and a platform for communication. 



Steve and Susan Gibson

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Meet our International Partners


AIC Zion

Johnson Wambua

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Faith House

Maria Amihan

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