Baptism / Child Dedications

Publicly declaring your faith in Jesus Christ

Baptism at The Bible Chapel

If you are considering being baptized, we would love to help you take this step. We baptize adults and students in seventh grade and older during our Celebration Services.

As you decide whether you're ready for baptism, here is some information on what baptism is,
and what it isn't:

Baptism IS:

  • For believers who have trusted in Jesus Christ alone as their Savior.
  • An outward demonstration of a saving faith in Christ.
  • An act of obedience. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands His followers to be baptized.
  • By immersion, which is a way to identify with Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.
  • For members and attendees alike.

Baptism is NOT:

  • Required for salvation. The Bible is clear that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  • An "enhancement" to your salvation. There is no such thing. Jesus' work on the cross is already perfect and complete.
  • Required for membership at The Bible Chapel. We encourage all believers to be baptized, but we do not mandate baptism as part of membership.

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A Sermon Excerpt on Baptism

Adults and Students (Grade 7 and above):

Register to be Baptized

If you're an adult or student in grade 7 or above and you're ready to be baptized, we ask that you register by completing two steps: 


1. Complete the Baptism Form

This form enables you to tell us about your unique faith journey, including why you want to be baptized, your life as a Christian, and your favorite Bible verses and songs. Please plan to spend about 30 minutes or so completing this form.

Complete the Baptism Form


2. Attend a Baptism Class

At The Bible Chapel, we offer a class that prepares you to be baptized. In this class you'll review our beliefs and practices regarding baptism and receive instructions on everything you'll need to do for the day of your baptism, including film your video testimony.

On the Baptism Form, you'll have an opportunity to register for an upcoming Baptism Class.

View our current Baptism Classes

Children (Grades 4 - 6):

Register to be Baptized

If you're at least 10 years old through grade 6 and you'd like to be baptized, The Bible Chapel has a special baptism prep program just for you: 


1. Complete the Children's Baptism Form

This form asks why you would like to be baptized, and if you have permission from a parent to be baptized at this time. 

Complete the Baptism Form


2. Attend a Baptism Class 

This class helps you learn more about baptism and prepare for yours.

Once you complete the Baptism Form, you and your parents will be contacted about the date for the next Baptism Class for Kids.

Children from Birth through age 9

Child Dedication

At The Bible Chapel, we believe that baptism is a choice that a believer can make once he or she has trusted in Christ. For this reason, we do not baptize infants or children through age 9, but we do joyfully dedicate them to the Lord during our Celebration Services.

We ask that parents are regular attenders of weekend services at The Bible Chapel. If you have not been a regular attender in the past, we’d love it if you would join us for several months before registering children for child dedication. If there are special circumstances, contact Wayne Johnson, .


Learn our doctrinal beliefs about baptism

Dedicate Your Child


A Word About Your Video Testimony

When you're baptized at The Bible Chapel, we ask you to partner with us ahead of time to film your video testimony (we'll discuss details during your Baptism Class). We understand you may be nervous to do this!

It's important to remember that we don't ask you to share your story so that viewers will focus on you. We ask you to share your story so that viewers will focus on God, and how he is working in your life.

No matter your story, God can use it to inspire others and move them to action. We've seen it happen.

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